On October 28th of 2003, I began collecting items that I found on daily walks through the city of Savannah, Georgia. With no prerequisites for items that I deemed valuable, I would preserve each day’s collection in a mason jar and diligently record my findings in a notebook. The items I collected were sometimes natural, often man-made, and almost always deemed inconsequential to the average passer-by.

The act of giving close examination and assigning value to everyday objects was one of the catalysts for this project but as I found myself further in my collection, I became most inspired by the organic compositions that transpired at the end of each day when a jar was sealed. Color, form, and composition found in these seemingly effortless collections are often visually complex and aesthetically stunning. For myself, each jar became a daily phenomenon that provided the motivation I needed to continue this collection for 366 days.

The contents of each jar, along with the reflective qualities of the surrounding glass and metal, and the sheer volume of this collection lend itself to a striking installation. As a whole, the effect is vibrant, complex, and captivating. At close range, the individual jars provoke fascination and surprise.


410 Good Buddy - Washington DC
410 Good Buddy
12/10 - 1/11

Hallmark Cards - Kansas City MO
Hallmark Materials Research Library
1/13 - 2/13

Studio photos courtesy of Jen Harris Studio