Since 2008 I have been experimenting with different ways to define a shape in a generally two dimensional form. Part of my fascination with this concept comes from the way images would load line by line when looking at websites in the early years of the internet, and the slow reveal of an images form. My Architectural experience has been another influence through the design and visualization of three dimensional objects via two dimensional sketches and presentations. I want to understand and explore different ways of defining a shape or volume without drawing its perimeter or forming it directly.

During my explorations, I have created a variety of different studies to help understand the visual phenomenon that I am trying to achieve. These have included stacks of paper or wood on a grid, simple lines of varying length running parallel within a field, as well as screen printed patterns printed multiple times to start to form a three dimensional shape through single layers of ink.

Despite having worked on it for over 5 years, I still consider it in the early stages of my creative process. I plan on adding a variety of images to Hungry World Inc. to share the process of my exploration in definition of  shapes.